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Therapy session. Therapist taking notes whilst client used their hands to gesticulate.

My Approach

WHAT IS FAMILY THERAPY? Family therapy is a talking therapy. The family therapist leads individuals, couples or families through conflict by helping them recognise behavioural and intergenerational patterns, and by guiding them to find useful changes in their lives and relationships. It can help with expressing and exploring difficult thoughts and emotions safely, understanding experiences and views, discover own needs, appreciate each other’s needs, build on individual and family strengths.


By working together to make useful changes in your life and relationships, you will have a better understanding and a different perspective. Lots of different events and circumstances can make life stressful, for example things become overwhelming within a family, or when you’re finding it difficult to change unhelpful patterns, family therapy may be able to help.


WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM UNDERTAKING FAMILY THERAPY? Everyone, at some point in life, has difficulties in their relationships; they may struggle to lead their lives according to their values and goals or they may get stuck in unhelpful or unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Family psychotherapists can help individuals, couples and families to reflect on their patterns of behaviour and relationships, to improve communication; to realign themselves with their goals and values in life; and to develop strategies and coping skills to help move their lives in the direction that is most meaningful to them.

It is a thought-provoking approach and has a focus on building strengths to facilitate helpful changes. Above all, it is a respectful, nurturing and appreciative approach.

Whether you just need to talk to someone or you need to resolve aspects of life that seem overwhelming, you can book a session and get the help and support you need to move into the future with confidence.

During our sessions my aim is to offer a non-judgemental, warm, and accepting environment.

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